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Hello there, thank you for visiting the site. What we offer is a resource for bloggers around the world to come together and discuss all the aspects of blogging. We also provide our community with some quality eBooks. We already have some which are downloadable from the page you are reading right now. The Make Me a Blogger site is run by people who have had massive success in the world of blogging. We are here today to help other people join in the fun and eventually make a living like us, blogging on the internet.

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We are currently giving away a 42-page sample of our ebook. The eBook gives expert advice on how to create a blog, add content, build readership, maintain, sustain, monetize and drive traffic.


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There's a number of reasons why you should join in the community. The main one is: To be around bloggers alike yourself. People who are trying to setup blogs and make a success of their blogs. We offer guidence to all our members and our members also offer guidence to other members.


The free e-book (read right hand side of page) is just the start of what we have to offer as a community. Get continued tips and support on the forum, become part of the blogging revolution.


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